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Thai Gem Centre, based in Bangkok, Thailand, was founded by Manak Chand Agarwal in 1987. Constantly striving to maintain a tradition of top-notch quality ever since, we are a reputed business establishment dealing in all kinds of gemstones and diamonds, inclusive of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc.  Our stones have a variety of origins, depending on the type of stone and the country of its specialization. The origins of each type of stone are listed below:

-          Emeralds sources from Zambia, Columbia and Brazil

-          Sapphire sources from Australia, China, Thailand (Kanchanaburi), Africa

-          Ruby sources from Burma

Furthermore, we also offer an extensive collection of quality-calibrated stones in our stock, all assured at competitive prices to fulfill the market demand.

Currently, Thai Gem Centre also provides an additional Custom-Made Jewellery Service, due to the high demand of our loyal customers. The completely unique piece is customized exclusively and specifically as per customer wishes and requirements. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim and perpetual promise.   


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