Our Story

In 1987, Manak Chand Agarwal founded Thai Gem Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to this, he had been proliferating his family’s gemstone business in Asia’s top markets from India to Hong Kong. He then followed his natural salesman intuition to trailblaze Bangkok’s soon-to-emerge buyers’ market, and the rest is history.

Starting with just a few handfuls of inventory, Manak elevated the market landscape by being one of the first dealers to introduce fully calibrated emeralds to the country. From here, buyers rushed in from all corners of the world – Europe, Russia, Australia – due to his renowned eye for the masterful sourcing and assortment of the highest-quality emeralds. Eventually, the company expanded the product range to incorporate rubies and sapphires as well, which took advantage of the proximity to the manufacturing hubs.

In 2011, Manak’s son, Ruchir, joined his father’s enterprise, continuing the family business saga for the 3rd generation. He immediately sighted shifting customer demands towards larger-size gems and higher-quality stone pairings and a growing desire for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. In response, the company’s inventory had since undergone a metamorphosis to include higher-quality calibrated stones as well as jewelry setting stones. Today, we stock all varieties of single and paired stones of various sizes, shapes, and grades to ensure we have the right stone just for you.

How we do

We cut stones. We don’t cut corners. We will stop at nothing to acquire quality gems from reputable sources in India, Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand to honor each of our customers’ requests. It takes years of unwavering trust to build lasting relationships with our global suppliers, every gram of which we have earned through our sincerity and integrity. The same goes for our local dealers of rubies and sapphires, which affords us with competitive prices for our buyers.

We extend the same loyalty to every customer we serve, for whom we painstakingly and lovingly toil over recutting, repolishing, and matchmaking the perfect stone pairing that they deserve. Be they pairs, sets, or assorted parcels, we make sure that the stones’ sizes, shapes, and cuts all come together just right.

We are here for every customer every step of the way, so we make it a point to reply all our e-mails and messages promptly and patiently. So please ask away. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and assistance.